Hello, hello! Today is all about how to do Valentines Day/February decor TASTEFULLY! Because I know how it is for you, some of us like to decorate seasonally or by holiday but some holidays JUST DON’T CUT IT.

Well, this month i’ve got a few goodies for ya to try and not feel “tacky”!

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You can never go wrong with a soft pink throw blanket to add to your sofa or on your bed to get that flavor of February in your home. Or a swap of your kitchen linens to keep you feeling festive while baking all of those Valentines candies & cookies!

One of my favorite ways to decorate for the holidays, always, is with florals! Real is ideal, but sometimes the faux stems do the trick & last longer!

I LOVE felt ball garlands. I found this neutral one with a touch of pink on etsy!


Does your home feel empty after storing away all of your Christmas decor? ME TOO.

Now that the holidays have trickled away & the deals are still hanging around - - i wanted to give you a few fresh tips for your home to keep it alive & happy!

Best part is - - these designs are on budget!! just click the smaller images below to shop!

Alika Design - Entryway


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