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This project was so much fun! My client had an organic, contemporary style and was loving the blue, peach and green tones. We added texture with the pillows, leather chairs and woven baskets. The best part about it is, that so much more has been added to the space as each piece has been purchased! Its amazing what can happen and what can be envisioned when changes happen in the floor plan or a piece of furniture. 

The layout was a HUGE part of this clients needs. With a odd shaped entry way, we let it be its own animal and added a runner down the hallway for the garage\mudroom entrance and hung a mirror on the wall with a wooden entry bench that the client already had! Making the "dining room" a play area for the kids was the best function for this young family - somewhere where the kids could play while mom cooks, cleans and works! This house has felt more like a home after refining the layout and adding color, texture, dimension and pattern to the space! 

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