Happy Sunday, lovelies! 

I love Sundays - a day to wind down, worship, plan, ponder & create. Sundays always motivate me & excite me for a new, fresh week. 

Today I am telling you how to make this cute shelf! I shared a photo of it on my Instagram the other day. Super easy. You could even do it today if you happen to have the materials laying around. :) 


  • wood (i cut a 6" wide by 24" long) 
  • spray paint 
  • rope
  • drill 

STEP 1: Cut your wood If it is not already pre-cut. 

STEP 2: Drill holes on both sides, 1" in from ends. (drill bit size will depend on your rope size) 

STEP 3: Spray paint or paint the color of your choice

STEP 4: Cut 4 even pieces of rope at the length desired (i would recommend at least 18"). Thread rope through each hole, tie a knot on each end under the shelf to keep from coming through. 

STEP 5: Connect rope on coordinating sides and tie in a double knot. 

And whala! Hang it by decorative hooks and accessorize! Use #alikadesign to share your shelf with us!