Happy Wednesday! I've been looking forward to sharing this post for weeks. Seriously, I LOVE pillows. Everything about them. They just make a room happy. 

I am a true believer in mixing patterns & colors. Its my speciality, you could say. My mom had to take deep breaths when I was helping her select pillows for her sectional. Whoops. Don't be worried,  let me show you what I'm getting at here. 





These categories will change your life when making your pillow selections! 

COLOR: This is the one place in design where its ok (in my opinion) to go all out with color. A  neutral, solid pillow or two with a splash (or shower) of color is s a good anchor to styling pillows. Then you can incorporate all the colors you love without the space feeling overwhelming. 

PATTERN: Mixing patterns is probably the trickiest. But also my favorite! A few things to remember: no same pattern should be paired, don't get too crazy with too many patterns and lastly, try not to clash patterns. 

TEXTURE: Texture adds dimension, warmth and allows the eye to move smoothly throughout the room. Leather pillows are the new hype in design! And I'm loving it! 

TRIMS: I wish I would have discovered these earlier on in life. They are so fun to play with! Remedy Design is brilliant with trims. Flanges, contrasting welts, ruffles, loops...the list goes on! 

I found these beautiful images of great pillow styling!  I would also love to help YOU select pillows for your home - click here and lets chat, pillows! 

image from:  Emily Henderson

image from: Emily Henderson

image from:  Remedy Design

image from: Remedy Design

image from: Brooke Wagner Design

image from: Brooke Wagner Design