Well hello! Its been a minute. Must be the holiday season! I can't let one of my favorite holidays pass without sharing my thoughts...

Thanksgiving has always been a holiday that I wish was recognized more. Its like I have some weird connection to it and get my feelings hurt when people listen to Christmas music or decorate before Thanksgiving. Yes, I am crazy. Maybe its because I wish there were more moments in the world of gratitude.

I am truly grateful for all that I have in my life. The good, bad, ugly and pretty! Although I am still learning to be grateful in every circumstance, it becomes easier as I turn outward to others.

One of my acquaintances and I were chatting just before we were taking off for the long weekend -- they have been through quite a lot, more than I could get through. As we were talking about the holiday and what we would be doing, he mentioned that he did not enjoy the holidays. I surprisingly asked him why. He went on to explain that at a particular time in his life he was observing people on the streets that had much more than he did but yet were so unhappy. Arguing, shouting, etc. He expressed that he didn't like the holidays because these people who have so much don't realize how much they really do have. That they have a spouse, or a roof over their head, or more than a dollar to spend. As he was sharing this with me all i could do is nod my head. I thought, how sad that so many of us become so ungrateful so quickly when there are so many who do not even have a home to live in. This experience will stick with me for the rest of my life. And I hope it will find a spot in your heart as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!  

details from Thanksgiving dinner -- I had the best time setting up for our family!