A blessing in disguise. My clients (aka my parents) had a horrible flood earlier this Spring that led them to a full basement remodel. They wanted this to be a place where the children and grandchildren wanted to be together. Before the remodel, there was a large brown sectional, light brown carpet, cream walls with pops of bright colors. It was in need of bright, lively elements to bring the family down to the basement. Shiplap and a wall treatment were "must haves". She loved the idea of taking the wall treatment along all of the walls. It made the room feel more modern, yet timeless. This beautiful carpet and LVP contributed greatly to that feeling. 




Drawing the fireplace and entertainment center concepts really helped her envision the new space. We wanted to make these the focal points in the room and let the rest work with them. The pillow selections was one of our favorite parts! Customizing pillows is a great way to add detail without overkilling it. We used patterns and trims to incorporate color and texture. Another favorite design was the modern picture frames with all of their kids wedding photos. And we can't forget to mention how comfortable this drop-back sectional is! Its deep cushions and unique shapes allows the whole family to gather comfortably! 


This area of the basement was originally built out for a kitchenette but they never installed it over the years. Because we chose to use LVP (stain resistant, water proof) as the flooring, it was an even better idea to add the kitchenette. Simple, white, timeless cabinets with modern hardware. The most beautiful shelf and accessories to fill the blank wall, and the fun ping-pong storage to keep the basement as clean as it can be for a family full of 17 people :)